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What I Learned on my Trip to Maui

For those of you who have booked with us before you probably know Randy. He has been running this business for 19 years now (and travelling to Maui for 30!) I, on the other hand, have only recently joined the Maui Man team as Randy’s fiance (stay tuned for wedding posts! There is no question that we will have our wedding in Maui). That being said, this was believe it or not, my first trip to this beautiful island.

We posted earlier about what to pack based on Randy’s recommendations. However, being a first time visitor I wanted to share my experience and what I learned.

First, I committed the mistake that I am sure almost everyone who travels does: over packing. I didn’t do too poorly, but there were definitely a few items I could have done without. These include:

1. Hair styling stuff– I had intentions of doing my hair at least once, so I brought my curling iron, straightening iron, and applicable styling products (I did leave the blow drier at home as most condos have these). What I learned was that Maui can be windy and the salt water in the air naturally gives you that beachy look- no styling products necessary (and even if I had taken the time to style my hair, it would not have lasted).

2. Socks- despite Randy’s advice, I was determined to bring about 5 pairs of socks. I hate having bare feet at home and figured that I would wear them, at the very least, around the condo. I was wrong. 1 or 2 pairs would have sufficed (unless you are planning a lot of activities that you would want to wear closed toe shoes for that is).

3. Tight Fitting Tank Tops- Okay this sounds random, but I own a fair amount of fitted spaghetti strap tank tops and brought a few along. I did not wear any of them, because I just wanted to be in light, breezy clothing. In the hot weather these just felt restrictive when I had other more comfortable options.

Aside from over packing there are a few other relevant tips I wanted to share:

1. Book your activities in advance: Once you are on the island, you will not want to spend the time researching the best Luau to go to, or where to go snorkeling (etc., etc.). Plus, the most popular activities such as the Old Lahaina Luau (as I learned firsthand) book up! We work with afabulous company that can help you plan any activity you can think of in a one stop shop. My advice is to use them!

2. Get your shopping done in the first few days: Randy told me this. It didn’t happen… and we were left scrambling (and stressing!) to get those last few gift items we wanted to bring home for our family and friends. Even though we had intended on getting it done early, things just didn’t happen that way… and of course when it came down to it we spent wayyy more time than we should have searching for that perfect item.

3. Use the kitchen in your condo: If you are trying to save money that is! Eating out at restaurants is really convenient but it adds up. If you rented a condo, make the most of it by making your own meals. Most complexes have BBQs available to use as well. I loved being able to try different restaurants, but it definitely was a hit to our bank account.

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Written by: Sarah

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