Vacation for Teachers

Vacation for Teachers

Ok, so you are a teacher.  July has arrived and you are sitting around at home wondering what to do with yourself.  You could go camping. Same old same old. You could go shopping.  That is so pointless.  You could just read a book under a shady tree.  Nice but, really?  How about going to Maui during summer vacation?

Maui in summer is very affordable and definitely more exotic than anywhere near home!  Going on a European trip sounds like fun but can cost a lot.  Going to Vegas is an option but who wants to be cooped up in a dark casino? Going to exotic beaches, exploring the jungle, learning about the local Polynesian culture, scuba diving with Dory, laying on black sand beaches.  That is much more like a real vacation.

Enjoying the much more laid back, quiet summer months in Maui is an experience you will not forget.  The benefits of saving money and doing something completely different is worth every penny.  Summer months are the best time for teachers to unwind from the hectic pace of screaming kids and grading homework.

Maui is especially good in the summer because it is the dry season.  There are few rains and cloudy days.  You will enjoy peaceful surroundings too since there are fewer tourists.  Everything is still open during the summer with the added benefit of not having to deal with lines, crowds and higher prices.

Booking a last minute trip to Maui in the summer is so easy.  There are always flights that are not full as well as accommodations with Maui Man are available at much reduced prices since there are more vacancies.  You will have your pick of the perfect Maui Condo since many are empty during the summer months.

Why go to Maui during Christmas or Spring Break when you can enjoy the same, wonderful place when there are no maddening crowds and inflated prices.  Spending your hard earned teaching dollars during your off months is much more enjoyable when you can save a ton while doing it.

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