Things to do in Maui

Things to do in Maui

The Beach

Of course what else is the number 1 of the things to do in Maui, but go to the beach.  Ka’anapali Beach is rated the number one attraction for obvious reasons when you get there and see the beauty. Gorgeous pink sand beaches, palm trees, gentle breezes, cocktails…you get the idea.  The sunsets are of course breathtaking.  Take your camera along as there are always beautiful vistas to capture for your memories.  The waters are usually calm and the snorkeling can be quite rewarding with occasional visits by majestic turtles.  You might even spot Hawaii’s iconic fish the “humuhumunukunukuapua’a” also known as the reef triggerfish.

Take up Kitesurfing or Windsurfing or Surfing.  Lessons are always on offer or if you are already a pro, rent a board from the many shops and ride the waves.

Sunrise on a volcano

Wake up while it is still dark and drive up to Haleakala Crater where you can watch one of the most amazing sunrises you have ever seen.  The vistas are incredible and you will not regret the early morning.

The Ocean

Of course the scuba and snorkeling in Maui is really, really good.  You will see tropical fish that simply amaze you with their colors.  There are dozens of tour boats available in most harbors.  The harbor in Lahaina is an excellent spot to book a tour. They will most likely take you from Lahaina to an extinct volcano crater where you can see all kinds of wonderful marine life.

Maui Adventure

Things to do in Maui

Maui Ziplines

Since the advent of ziplines for adventurous tourists they have become a staple “thing to do” all over the world.  Enjoy the Various Zipline and Aerial Adventure Parks around Maui.  Clip on and enjoy the view as only the birds see it.  Don’t forget your Go-Pro camera!

Relax on the Maui Beaches

Ka’anapali Beach with its soft pink coral sand and calm waters is the best way to spend a day.  Enjoy the sun, surf and sand while relaxing all day.

Depending on the time of year you can go whale watching or dolphin watching.  Enjoy these wonderful mammals and watch them “do their thing”.  Swimming with whales or dolphins is not allowed as they are a protected species but just seeing them is a really incredible experience.

Vodka!  Ok, that is not something that you might think of when you go to Hawaii, but there is an awesome vodka distillery right on Maui!  The Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery in Kula is a fun stop while exploring Maui.  Same the fine vodka and leave with a fine buzz.

Don’t want to go on a tour with a crowd?  Book a Private Tour.  There are 29 private tours available on Maui and you can stop and go at your leisure rather than going with the crowds like cattle.

Tons to do and see in Maui!

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