Things to do in Lahaina, Maui

Things to do in Lahaina

What are some things to do in Lahaina? When visiting Maui, your trip will not be complete unless you go to historic Lahaina.  There is much to see, do and learn in Lahaina.  About 2 million people per year visit Lahaina so the summer months are best because of fewer crowds.  Approximately 80% of the tourist traffic yearly for Maui visits Lahaina.  That sheer volume says a lot about the popularity of the town.

Lahaina Walking Tour

The walking tour will take you past the most iconic and interesting spots in Lahaina.  Enjoy seeing the wonderful historic sites…

  • The Masters Reading Room dating from the early 1800’s it was a store room for missionaries.
  • The Baldwin Home Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Lahaina.
  • Richards House is where the first Protestant missionary in Lahaina had set up his home.
  • The Taro Patch, called Kapukaiao was the location of the staple dietary item of Hawaii, today used to make Poi.
  • Hauloa Stone was used by ancient Hawaiians as a healing place.
  • The Brick Palace construction was started in 1798! King Kamehameha I had it built for Queen Kaahumanu.
  • The Old Lahaina Lighthouse was the first in Hawaii and was originally built around 1846.
  • Pioneer Inn is an original Hotel built in 1901 and was used in many old time Hawaii movies.
  • Banyan Tree covers an entire acre! The tree was planted in 1873.
  • The Courthouse was originally a palace in the early 1800’s. It is also the sight of the lowering of the Hawaiian flag in 1898 to be replaced by the American Flag.
  • The fort was built to protect against cannon balls and is constructed of coral blocks. Started in 1830, the fort walls are 20 feet high and covered an entire acre.
  • Canal and Government Market was the site where goods were traded from offshore ships and rowed in to shore.
  • The Episcopal Church was founded in 1862 and was moved across the street in 1909.
  • Hale Piula was built in the 1830’s as King Kamehameha’s residence but the king did not like the new style of building and preferred to sleep in a thatch hut instead.
  • Maluuluolele Park was an important spiritual and political seat for ancient Hawaii.
  • Waine’e Church also called Waiola was the first stone church built in Hawaii. Constructed in 1828, the work continued for 4 years.  Behind the church are some of the oldest palm trees in Lahaina.
  • Waine’e Cemetary also known as Waiolo Churchyard contains the grave of Queen Keopuolani, the first Hawaiian Royalty to convert to Christianity.
  • Hongwanji Mission was an early gathering place for Lahaina’s Buddhists.
  • David Malo’s Home is the eminent author of books on ancient Hawaiian culture.
  • Old Prison was used in the late 1800’s to house the drunk, disorderly, dangerous horse riders, ship deserters and those that tried to work on Sundays.
  • Episcopal Cemetary is a burial ground of some of Hawaii’s earliest Christian converts.
  • Hale Aloha means “house of love” and was built as an offering for Lahaina escaping the smallpox outbreak.
  • Buddhist Church was built by Japanese laborers in simple style.
  • The Seamen’s Cemetary contains Herman Melville’s cousin and some of Melville’s shipmates. Herman Melville is the author of Moby Dick.
  • The Wo Hing Museum is a tribute to early 1900’s Chinese immigrants and their markets.
  • The U.S. Seamen’s Hospital was the healing place for 1820 to 1860’s seamen.

This is by means not the only attraction list in Lahaina but covers the basic history.  Enjoy the beautiful shops, galleries and restaurants as you stroll the streets. There are many things to do in Lahaina.

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