Have you ever wanted to see Jaws in person?

See Jaws in person?

Just to see the power and glory in real life?  Imagine seeing people in the water right there in real life.  Scared?  You need not be unless you are a champion surfer and are experiencing the biggest waves on earth that regularly appear at Peahi on the island of Maui which is the location for Jaws.  Jaws is a surf break also known as a Pe’ahi in the local dialect in Hawaii.  Jaws is located on the north shore of Maui.

Jaws is a site to behold.  Annually between December 1st and February there is a big wave surfing contest at Jaws. Each year one competition is the Red Bull contest where 21 of the best big wave surfers are invited to compete for title at Jaws.

Jaws is not for casual surfers or beach swimmers.  It is strictly for the ultimate pros as the waves there can kill.  However, every year many go to show their stuff.

There is a crossover sport where fast jet-skis tow a surfer out beyond the break to drop off the surfers and then are available to recapture them after.

The name Jaws is obvious as to how that was created because of the sheer size of the wave break.  The name Pe’ahi has become popular with the local surfers in an attempt to connect to the local culture of the island. The original name by the traditional settlers of the island is Ke Kai ‘o Waitakulu which is “The Teary Eye” translated.

While the location for Jaws is always there, you might not be able to see the large wave action or international surf events because the conditions need to be just right.  The waves are usually a result of big winter storms from up in the Northern Pacific where they get amplified upon reaching the underwater natural structure that causes the wave energy to rear up and push the water column way up high.

The biggest waves

The biggest waves recorded that were ever paddled into were at Jaws.  The wave was registered at over 50 feet this January 2016 and was paddled into by Aaron Gold.  The biggest recorded wave in bodyboarding was registered at 45 feet by Magno Passos.

While the waves may be huge and dangerous, it is a highly recommended thing of beauty to see from the cliffs above the beach.  Just watch the wave reports and when they say it’s time, grab your camera and see this once in a lifetime place. Jaws.

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