Packing for the beach like a pro

Packing for the Beach Like a Pro (Infographic)

Travelling to the beach is always fun and exciting—except for the part where you need to pack days-worth of clothes in a bag, luggage or carry on. Some people just dislike the idea, and the actual ‘chore’ of packing, regardless of how long or how short their trip is going to be.

 Frequent jetsetters and seldom travelers share this burden and dilemma, for some people, no matter how simple putting clothes, toiletries and stuff inside a travel bag may seem, a room full of clothes scattered on the floor with an impossible-to-close-ready-to-burst luggage is expected.

Going on a trip to the beach any time soon? You might want to check these packing hacks now. Here are some tricks of the trade you can use the next time you find yourself in front of an open, empty.

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