Maui in Summer

Maui in Summer

Not only will you save money visiting Maui in the summer, but you will enjoy activities that you simply cannot do during the winter months.  I know what you are thinking…Skiing.  Ok, there is no skiing in Maui even in the winter!

But you can enjoy activities that are not available during the winter.  For example, you can go parasailing.  Parasailing is not available during the winter months because the boats cannot just go wherever they want due to the large winter population of humpback whales.  On May 16th, the restriction on boats for the purpose of thrill rides are lifted.  This permits the use of parasailing craft that will be an unforgettable activity for your summer Maui vacation.

Summer trade winds always blow in Maui every afternoon.  This is a great time to enjoy kitesurfing.  Enjoy the benefits of flying a kite, surfing and water sports all in one!  Take kitesurfing lessons and learn to ride the wind and waves like a pro!

Sunset sailing in Maui is an unforgettable experience.  Since the afternoon and evening winds are almost guaranteed you will enjoy real sailing with the added benefit of views that belong on a postcard.  Maui sunset sails are available off Ka’anapali Beach and Lahaina Harbor.

Whale watching tours are an ever popular activity in Maui in the winter months.  But since the whales are off doing whatever whales do during the summer there is another much more playful thing to watch!  Dolphins!  Dolphins are in the waters off Maui year round and can be seen any time of year.  During the summer, high-speed boats are available to take you to uncrowded snorkeling spots where you can watch for Dolphins.  You might even be lucky enough to have one come over to play with you while in the water.  However, touching the dolphins is not allowed since there are Federal laws that protect our mammal friends.  You can however enjoy their playful nature and watch them frolic in the waves.

Festivals, Celebrations, Parties.  Maui in the summer can be very fun indeed.  There are many events that are put together in Maui in the summer that are more local in nature as the tourists are fewer and the locals take that time to do “their” thing.  You will get to enjoy local events that are much more laid back and have the flavor of the islands.  For example there are the Friday Night Town Parties.  First Friday of the month – Wailuku Town Party (Central Maui), Second Friday – Lahaina Town Party (West Maui), Third Friday, Makawao Town Party (Upcountry), Fourth Friday – Kihei Town Party (South Maui).  Then there is the Maui Film Festival in June.  We could go on listing the events but then you would be reading for hours!  Best to check the Maui community calendar at: or the Maui Now events calendar at:

Maui can be a fun and cultural place to visit any time of year, but the summer will give you a much more local flavor where you will enjoy few crowds, lower prices and terrific climate.

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