Condo Rentals Vs. Hotels

Condo Rentals Vs. Hotels

Condo Rentals Vs. Hotels: Which is Better in Maui?

If you’re planning on going to Maui, probably one of the first things you will think about is where are you going to stay. Traditionally, travelers choose to book and check in hotels because of its prime locations, amenities and security.

But, because of the emerging technology and the concept of a global village, locals today open their homes to a wider range of guests—now, they do not only welcome family or friends, but let strangers from any point of the world enjoy their private spaces.

The rise of condo rentals in Maui, Hawaii is apparent now more than ever. In fact, it inspired one company to do a study on how and why more and more tourists in the island are opting to stay in condominiums for rent than the traditional choice of checking in hotels.

Goldman Sachs Inc. noted in the study they published that as many travelers and guests experience living in a condo for rent while in vacation in Maui, they will not and do not go back to the more traditional accommodations, which is staying in hotels.

To determine which type of accommodation is best for you and your travel buddies, here are the pros and cons of condo rentals and hotels:

Condo Rentals

Here are reasons why you should stay here:

More Space

Unlike standard sized hotel rooms, condo rentals usually vary in floor space, meaning some homes may be a bit smaller than others, but a majority offers a wider and more open space for guests. Some even have a fully functioning and equipped kitchen and laundry spaces which hotels don't have.

Lesser Restrictions

Of course, it is normal that hotels have a set of rules and regulations, do’s and don’t’s since it is a public space. Condo rentals, depending on the owners, can be more flexible when it comes to the things that occupants may do, bring or conduct inside their space for rent.

Cheaper cost for larger groups

Typical hotel rooms are usually only for two people only. Some allow extra persons for a cost. This means you have to pay for extra mattress, beds, toiletries and even breakfast. This costs are also paid ‘per night’ during the whole stay.

More interaction with the locals

Many condo owners who listed their properties for rent are locals and natives of the island. By choosing to stay in their property, you can have more interaction with them and can actually make a friend for a lifetime.

Ultimately, opting to stay in condo rentals provides you and your company all the comforts of home, a bigger space, household equipment and the overall homey and cozy ambiance. It also has its privacy and luxury—in a certain extent. Literally, it can be your home away from home.


Why maybe this is not for you:

Can be located far from the tourist-y places

While this is not applicable in every condo rental in Maui, some of these properties can not be on prime locations in the island. Some may be far from the beach, or the other establishments tourists usually like to be near to like convenience stores, banks and public transport terminals.

Less security

Hotels have round the clock security personnel which can ease the worry and give the peace of mind travelers want and prefer during their vacation.

Less amenities

Most condo rentals do not have the amenities hotels boast of, like swimming pools and Jacuzzis, gyms, restaurants and the like.

Less service

Hotel guests are called ‘guests’ for a reason. Housekeeping is provided, which offers in property delivery of food, bed fixing and room cleaning services while you stay.

Different condo standards

Some condos are new, some are dated. Others provide more updated appliances and fixtures, while some stick to their original house components. The design can also be an issue. Some are beautifully decorated, while some settle with what their homes looked like before opening their doors to vacationers.

Other fees

Condo rentals require a cleaning fee, deposits, security fees and some taxes that are applicable for your duration of stay.



Why Hotels are still the better option:

Great for short stays and late arrivals.

If you are just staying in the island for a few days, then staying in at a hotel may be the best bet for you.

Consistent service and rooms

Hotels have mastered the art of service and making their guests feel like they are royalty during their stay. Aside from their five-star service and amenities, room size, décor, furnishings and themes are usually at a standard and is consistent.

Air conditioning.

When the weather in Maui gets a little bit too hot, all rooms of the hotels are air conditioned for your convenience, while not all condo rentals provide this appliance.

Located in prime locations.

One of the selling points of hotels is their prime location. They are more often located in beach fronts, or in places where establishments that tourists look for are at within arms reach.

Some cons of staying at hotels:

Often fully booked.

Since this is the traditional way of accommodation, staying in at hotels is usually the first resort and choice of travelers, especially those who are still not in the know of the other accommodation options.

Cramped space.

Some hotel rooms only provide a space with a bed, a desk, a closet and the private bath or toilet—that’s it. Some people would appreciate a bigger space.

Extra fees.

Some guests find it bad that hotels charge for everything they do inside the premises—extra payment for extra set of towels, pillows, mattresses or blankets.

Whichever type of accommodation you prefer and choose, the most important fact is you get to see the beauty and feel the warmth of Maui—literally and figuratively. Happy trip!


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