Spectacular Snorkelling Maui

Spectacular Snorkeling Maui

When you come to Maui, there are so many amazing activities to enjoy, but snorkeling is usually at the top of every visitor’s list. This Hawaiian island offers many snorkeling opportunities just off the beach of numerous Maui Man condo rentals. When you request a condo near the beach, you can rent your snorkel gear from Snorkel Bob’s  and walk straight down to the beach into an aqua paradise as many times a day as you desire.  Many reefs are right off-shore from the beach and you can easily swim straight up to aquatic areas full of life. 

Maui’s coral reefs, known as the rainforests of the sea, are enamored with the beauty of marine life ranging from the fascinating, bold sea turtle to the black-eyed butterfly fish fluttering throughout the pure, blue waters. Gorgeous coral formations, such as huge purple sea fans and bright red and orange sponges can be found throughout your snorkeling adventures surrounding Maui’s coastline. Unique lava formations underwater where corals have settled provide a marine landscape not available to be viewed in other parts of the world. 

For those willing to travel around Maui by car, consider these Top 10 snorkeling destinations around the island, presented by Pride of Maui. You can explore the island underwater, from swimming with the green sea turtles in Turtle Town to the rocky Five Caves area where schools of colorful fish surround your every stroke. There are ample opportunities for snorkeling for beginners or expert snorkelers seeking more challenging adventures in remote, rocky areas.

For more adventurous guests, Redline Rafting Co. offers snorkeling tours to nearby  Molokini island. Molokini is a volcanic crater that formed a crescent-shaped island you can see off the Maui coast from many of the offered Maui Man condos. Because it cannot be reached by car, the aquatic life in this area is pristine and can provide great underwater viewing with a guide to tell you all about the species and history of the range.

With an array of snorkeling destinations on just Maui alone, you can stay in the comfort of your Maui Man condo and pick the type of snorkeling adventure that works for you and your travel crew. You are sure to have an amazing experience will all Maui has to offer.

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